from the journal of DORIAN GREY


Today, I met a man named Oscar Wilde.


I knew who he was, of course; it was hard for one not to hear of Oscar Wilde these days. We spent the afternoon drinking in a cafe, discussing the world, and I must admit I found the man fascinating. He had a brilliant mind, and as our discussion proceeded I could not help but hint at what I am – if only to see what he would make of it.


I asked him – hypothetically, of course – what he thought a man would do if he were granted eternal youth and beauty. We discussed how such a man would behave, given the ability to have anything, and stripped of all consequences. We went back and forth about whether such a man would sink into depravity and sin, or if he could find something greater to hold on to, and overcome the temptations offered by such power. The day grew to a close, and regretfully I parted ways with this extraordinary man. As I left, he was speaking of committing everything we had discussed to a book on the nature of man – a novel.


I wonder if anything will come of it.

-Dorian Grey, 13th June 1888