from the journal of GEOFFREY WORTHINGTON

She just walked into my life and now everything just blurs into the background around her. The work at my desk seems utterly uninteresting, the sample beneath my microscope is dull and the DNA readouts don't engage me. All my thoughts are of her.


She muddles me up, gets me all tongue tied, makes my heart race... and I love it! I would very much like for her to visit the lab more often. No, that's a terrible thought. Her being in the lab means something bad must have happened. I hope I can give her another reason to visit, a good reason.


Or maybe I could visit her? We could meet up and go to the cinema or watch a comedy show and laugh our hearts out. I'm getting carried away a bit. One little step at a time, otherwise I'll just get nervous and muck things up. For now I think it's enough to say I'd like to make her happy someday.


She has an amazing smile. I think something more than a sandwich would be good.


-Geoffrey Worthington, the day after Leah Bishop visited the lab