“What did you find?” asked Chief Ben.


Yoo Min looked up at him from the computer.


“Stolen passports,” she said, “reported at the entry point, down at the statue of Greyfriars Bobby.”


Ben stared at her.


“Stolen?” he asked, “Are the Fae capable of that?”


Yoo Min nodded.


“It doesn't take much,” she said, “I was once skilled at calligraphy. Now I am skilled at forgery. Forging passports is not difficult, but the question is – why stolen? Not forged?”


Ben raised an eyebrow. She shrugged.


“Gotta make money somehow,” she said.


“You're the police!” he said, “Also, I'm your boss, Yoo Min. You should probably not be telling me -”


Yoo Min gave him a long look.


“I think the fact that I have eaten over 70,000 livers of young men should worry you more than my dabbling in forged paperwork,” she said, “War is war. Someone had to get them out.”


The phone rang, and Ben went to pick it up.


“Dorian,” he said, “what is it?”


He paused.


“What?” he said, “You can't be serious. Nour doesn't usually need help -”


Yoo Min looked at him curiously.


He put the phone down.


“Looks like you have a reprieve from desk work,” he said, “Dorian needs you. Apparently Nour-el-ain - she's one of our officers - is fighting some redcaps in the alley behind the off-license. Dorian has requested your assistance.”


Yoo Min smiled brightly, and went to get her coat.