CALEDONIA is a supernatural web series based in Glasgow, Scotland.


When newly-divorced police officer Leah Bishop is offered a transfer to Glasgow, she jumps at the chance.  She is soon to discover that fairytales are real - and her fellow officers are monsters.  
CALEDONIA is the marriage of romantic Scottish imagery with the raw everyday reality of Glasgow. This programme was created because of the lack of diversity in fantasy and sci-fi shows. The characters in CALEDONIA represent various races, religions, classes, and sexualities, as a more realistic reflection of the world we live in, particularly in Scotland's city of culture.


Amy Hoff was a PhD researcher in Scottish folklore at the University of Aberdeen's Elphinstone Institute, where she specialised in monsters.

She holds degrees in Scottish history, culture, and literature, and has worked as a lecturer in Scottish folklore and identity.  Her current specialities are Scottish and American highway mythology with a focus on monsters and ghosts. Amy has a history of weightlifting and streetfighting, bellydancing and world travel. She is genderfluid and has found this an asset when playing Desdemona,  a genderfluid character.


In 2010, she founded Glasgow theatre company Cult Classic, which has produced the only official UK stage adaptation of Doctor Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog.  She adapted Dumas classic The Man in the Iron Mask for the stage.  She also wrote the only amateur stage adaptation of British cult novel Good Omens with the permission of the authors.   


Caledonia is based off a series of urban fantasy detective novels she wrote.  The first of the novels, Caledonia, has been published by Erebus Society.

She has lived for the past five years in Glasgow's West End.