is a Scottish supernatural detective drama set in Glasgow.


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Images from the upcoming feature film, BURNS NIGHT

Leah's Scar
Robert and Desdemona in Northfield
Burns Night Behind the Scenes
Robert and Desdemona
Hazel Bloodworth
Robert and Desdemona After
Selkie King
Desdemona Turns Robert
Desdemona Turns Robert II
Almosts and Maybes
Unmake Me

Season One photos copyright Maurice Morwood.


Season Two photos and promotional materials copyright Linda Macpherson and Fiona Brims.


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Songs featured with permission in CALEDONIA:


The Attic

Performed By Tom Caruana And Professor Elemental

taken from the album 'Father Of Invention'




Music and Lyrics by Dougie MacLean 

Published by Limetree Arts and Music





Burns Night Behind the Scenes